Build a Blog using Nuxt.js Content Module

10 August 2020

Nuxt.js is one of the technologies I'm really interested in and I made this video showing you how to use the Nuxt Content. Nuxt.js Content is one of the newest additions to Nuxtjs. In this tutorial, we'll create a blog using Nuxt.js content as a Headless CMS.

GitHub Repo:

Timestamps āœØ
0:00 - Intro
0:55 - What is Nuxt.js?
1:47 - Setup a Nuxt app
2:13 - What is Nuxt Content?
4:45 - Install Nuxt Content
5:18 - Creating Content
7:31 - Fetching and Displaying Content
15:42 - Live Editing in Dev Mode
16:16 - API Endpoints Preview
16:54 - Static Deployment
18:04 - Outro and Subscribe

Hope you enjoy the video :)

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